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About Metro Road Systems

Based in New Delhi India , Metro Road Systems , is an emerging Leader in the field of Intelligent Road Systems and can boast an impressive track record of collaboration with the top concession companies in India and is driven by the philosophy of dynamic engineering based on reliability.

Drawing on comprehensive research and collaboration with World Leading International companies , Metro Road Systems offers the best of what is available for traffic management solutions , Toll Collection Systems and Parking Systems , adapted using local knowledge and expertise to suit Indian conditions and operational environments.

Metro is continuously investing in research and development work for the latest innovation and advance technology of toll collection and traffic management systems and has attained a strong market position in the Following segments:

  • Advance Tolling systems - Its has a complete range of Advance Automatic Tolling Systems with microwave based ETC and infrared based AVC systems from Kapsch Trafficom AG. Metro has provided its solutions to Toll projects for top Most concession companies across India; including the prestigious Delhi Gurgaon Expressway with 59 toll lanes and more than 180,000 vehciles per day of traffic with more than 40% on ETC.

  • Highway Traffic Management Systems - Metro offer Integrated Traffic Management Systems with Central Control Systems Integrated with Variable Message Signs, CCTV with advanced analytics; Traffic counting stations; Emergency Call Boxes; Meteorological Stations and Data transmission systems with Fibre optic backbone.

  • Parking Management Systems - It has complete range of Parking management systems for all types of car parking with automatic ticket dispensers and Parking Guidance systems. It is currently implementing the prestigious Common Wealth games Building Car Park for NDMC.

  • Urban Traffic Systems - Metro has various solutions for urban traffic systems like Variable message signs ; Red Light Enforcement systems and Speed enforcement Systems.

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India’s Largest Toll Plaza, Delhi-Gurgaon has completed

India’s Largest Toll Plaza -Delhi-Gurgaon is in operation!

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Press Release

International Partners : Metro partners with


Kapsch trafficom AG :
World Leader in ETC based Toll Collection Systems
Austria which is a leading provider of toll collection systems in the world. Metro road systems has a scope sharing JV with the Kapsch TrafficCOm and has undertaken a project for 59 lanes in Delhi Gurgaon Expressway